About Our Campus

Mission Statement

Conley Elementary School is dedicated to insuring that all students receive a quality education from highly qualified instructors who are dedicated to the profession of educating children. It is our mission to help children develop academically, socially, and relationally. We aspire to inspire students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills which will empower them to become lifelong learners.


  • To increase the student passing percentage on STAAR to 90% and commended performance to 50%
  • To reduce the gap to 3% between specific student populations on district and state assessments, specifically special education, LEP, and African -American
  • To provide training in order to integrate technology into the daily curriculum in order to enhance learning
  • To increase daily attendance to 98%
  • To promote positive behaviors for our students and decrease office visits by 25% using the Conley Discipline Framework
  • To promote a positive relationship between parents and the community


Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Conley Creed

“Today, I will do my best to be the best.
I will listen.
I will follow directions.
I will be honest.
I will respect the rights of others.
I can learn. I will learn
What I do today will make a DIFFERENCE!”


We believe…
… in a safe and secure environment for all.
… in the value of parental involvement in achieving academic excellence.
… in all students achieving at their highest level.
… in the accountability of Conley staff, students, parents, and community toward student achievement.
… in achieving district goals and expectations.
… in the value and contribution of staff.
… in achieving goals set for personal and professional development.




African American